National Job Search

TKO’s is a member of NPA – The Worldwide Recruiting Network, connecting you to premier independent recruiting firms. Benefits of this network include:

  • Speed. We have the ability to quickly fill critical roles. Over 425 firms within the NPA network can augment our efforts and find the perfect candidate for your important position.
  • Global Reach. We have members on six continents, offering clients access to candidates and knowledge of local conditions anywhere in the world.
  • Passive Candidates. Sometimes the best candidates for a position are employed and are not on the boards. We can tap into a large pool of passive candidates cultivated by more than 425 firms and 1600 recruiters.
  • A Specialty Focus. You benefit from a network of recruitment specialists who specialize in different industries and are qualified to find the best candidates in the shortest period of time for specific positions.

Ask one of our technical recruiters to learn more.